Docswave PREMIUM

Docswave Premium provides a variety of functions in addition to the functions in the free version.
Try the free service and then upgrade to Premium.

Connecting Workflow to Google Calendar

By connecting workflows with Google Calendar, you can automatize schedule management.
When creating a doc, you can enter a schedule from the calendar.
When this doc receives final approval, it will be automatically registered on Google Calendar.

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30 Boards Offered and Authorization Settings

If you need a board for each dept, use board authorization settings.
Since authorization for each board can be managed for each individual and dept, boards can be utilized as a collaboration tool for different projects or each dept.
Moreover, an additional 25 boards are provided, allowing you to use a total of 30 boards.

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Print all workflow docs at once

If printing out individual docs has been inconvenient, you can print multiple files at once.
According to your choice of printing method, files will be converted into merged or individual PDF files, so that you can print and save according to your preference.
These files will be saved in the main account's Google Drive, so that you can use them again any time you wish.

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Workshop for Premium Users

Every Tuesday at 3 p.m., there is a workshop for Premium Service customers.
Participation is free, and you can directly discuss with the Docswave staff about suggestions for improvement or additional functions.
The requests of our Premium Service customers will be given priority when updating our service functions.

Customer Support for Premium Service

Our Premium Service customers are guaranteed service security based on a fast, active technical support. They receive prioritized support from Docswave staff regarding various inquiries and errors.
A staff will be assigned from the Support Team to assist you in the company-wide application of our service.

Premium Pricing

Premium Service can be used for $3 per person for 1 month. After using the free service, you can upgrade to Premium.
If you would like to learn more about our Premium Services, try the Free Premium Trial.